Deer Spray

32oz Ready to Use


4.2 out of 5 stars

LOVE LOVE LOVE I Must Garden!!!

1 Gallon Ready to Use

4 out of 5 stars

This stuff works

I have been battling deer and rabbits for years. For the first time this year, Ihad all my tulips bloom after I sprayed the buts with this! Usually the deer eat my tulips like lollipops when the buds appear. My neighbor is a landscaper and I have her sold on this too – she had been using some stuff that smelled like rotten eggs and didn’t work as well. I actually like the spicy clove smell. The deer quit eating my sedum and my lilies too! Victory!

Makes 10 Gallons, Covers 40,000 sq. ft.

5 out of 5 stars

Have used this product for many years!! It …

32oz Ready to Use

4.2 out of 5 stars


Ring Doorbells

Color: Satin Nickel

4.1 out of 5 stars

It works, but some things you should know first…
I have only been using the Ring for a couple of weeks now but so far it seems worth the cost. I don’t mind the $30 per year cloud storage fee as I’d much rather not have to house the hours of video data this thing records each day in being at the front door. Installation wasn’t difficult once we determined we had the right configs. Things you should know:
1) we tested ring out of the box after a full charge (the ring button will fully circle with blue light when comeplete) and it worked like a dream. Good picture, although fish eyed, even in the dark. That surprised me.
2) we then installed the ring hard wired to our existing doorbell. The doorbell worked, but the Ring video and motion/button notification no longer did.
3) we checked the long list of compatible doorbells that you can find on the Ring website. While the advertising and box says it works with virtually every doorbell… It doesn’t. We have a Nutone bell. Fairly common. Doesn’t work with ring. I was determined to get this thing working.
4) went to Best Buy and purchased the Ring chime. It’s a plug in ring chime that allows you to install the Ring without hardwiring to your existing doorbell. So we have the Ring doorbell screwed in to the same place on the doorframe, but the wires are capped off and not connected to Ring. Plugged in and synced up the chime to wifi and it worked. It’s very loud. You can also hear the Ring chime outside pretty loud so with that plus the Ring chime on every phone, iPad, etc in your house… Maybe not necessary to have the Chime unless you have a 4000+ sq ft house or don’t have phones, tablets or computers with Ring app on them near you. But the plug in Chime was only $30. To me less hassle and cost than buying and installing a compatible doorbell transformer.
5) Ring began working like a champ. Then it grew increasingly unpredictable. We played with the motion settings, decreased it so that cars going by wouldn’t alert us of motion at the door, etc. Butterflies set it off; they say it’s heat sensored; not sure butterflies are warm inside, but I digress. It still works when it needs to “most” of the time.
6) As a doorbell, it’s flawless. If someone pushes the button, the video begins. Talking to the visitor is clear and easy to accomplish. This is the best feature of the doorbell.
7) motion is hit or miss. It works, maybe not always, but enough to give me peace of mind on top of my other home security without video capabilities. Sure I get video at 4am of nothing, so if you are a scared woman living alone this may freak you out more than it helps, but for people with latchkey kids or teens that you want to keep an eye on in terms of verifying they’re home or that unwelcome visitors aren’t at your home, this is excellent. For people who get deliveries while at work or out of town, or folks who can’t get up to answer the door, excellent. To keep intruders at bay… Eh, there are better surveillance systems out there for that.
8) the live view feature does not work if you set up using the not-hard-wired method. So if doing what I did and using the Ring chime, you will not be able to view live feed from your doorbell. You’ll need the stick up cam. Didn’t know this until after I did all of the above to get this thing functioning. But, we ended up buying a Ring stick up cam after all to get a better view of the opposite side of our home since the view from Ring is blocked… and we love it. Use it daily. It’s motion detection is actually a bit more sensitive but that’s okay. We drilled a small hole in our garage door wall to hard wire electricity to the stick uo cam as it works hard every day and loses battery life in less than 2 months for us. Don’t depend on the battery. It will drive you nuts. Or get the solar charger panel.
All in all, I’m happy we made this purchase. I wonder is the newer version really worth it for “better” video quality. This one doesn’t nearly give out 720p so I’m guessing the new version saying 1080p is more like 720. The newer version had some bad reviews in terms of functionality and quality of the doorbell itself so I went with the longer-tested, older version and am quite pleased. So far so good and worth $200 IMO. We are still playing with doorbell types and have yet to find one that works after trying two different mechanical transformers. Customer service was less than helpful and referred us back to the list of tested doorchimes. If you have one that is not on the compatibility list, chances are it will not work hard wired and you will need the Ring chime. And again, know that the live feed will not work. Also concerning charging, it of course depends upon your usage but with a few notifications per day, we notice the battery has drained down about 8% over the last few weeks. I suspect it will need to be unscrewed and put on the charger within the next 5 months or so at this rate. If you are hardwiring, it will charge itself. If you are using the Ring chime and not hardwiring, you will need to charge it using the included USB charger, so expect having to remove it from the front porch every 5-7 months or thereabouts if using this method. Also don’t be afraid to keep playing with the settings… we have managed to get it pretty close to perfect over the last few weeks. It takes some trial & error. It still misses some movement, and still picks up nothing… but it’s better to have than not, IMO.

Colors: Satin Nickel, Venetian (all colors included)

4.2 out of 5 stars

Summary of some useful user questions

Here is some of the information I was looking for before I purchased this Ring Video Doorbell 2. So far it has exceeded my expectations.

This doorbell records for about 30 sec and is activated in one of three ways: by pressing the ring button, having motion, or pressing “live view” from your phone. It stores this video to a Ring Cloud using a good WiFi connection to the device. From the Ring app on my iphone I can select any one of these videos to see. My wife’s phone was set up as a shared user so she can see the videos also, from anywhere there is WiFi or a good cellular connection. My minipad has the Ring app so it gets all the same information my iphone gets. My iphone or minipad can delete files, but my wife’s phone can’t (I assume because she is a shared user.) All of these devices can hear and speak to the ring doorbell when activated.
This model uses existing 12 v AC wires from the old doorbell transformer. This keeps the battery charged and pressing the Ring door bell also activates my house door bell just as the old button did.
The motion sensor always activates before anyone can get close enough to push the doorbell. I can set the radius of sensing somewhere between 6 ft to 30 ft. About 15 ft has worked well so far. In addition there are pie-shaped motion sensing zones. My door bell is corner mounted with one vertical wedge to aim the camera more towards the front. Because of this aim direction, one motion zone closest to the corner was set inactive.
It will pick up night images from near total darkness, but images are not as good as in daylight. Camera was mounted 48 inches high as recommended. Try to avoid light sources that might shine directly into the camera if you want highest quality images. I plan to add the Ring Cloud package for $3 per month that lets my images stay stored for a month or so.
If you are away from home and not in a good WiFi zone, I think obtaining a immediate live image would be difficult. However, if a live image was previously stored, you would probably be able to view it with a good cellular connection.
I installed the doorbell one week ago and so far It has worked very well.

Colors: Satin Nickel, Pearl, Venetian, Black (all colors included)

4.1 out of 5 stars

As a camera only, I would give this 5+ stars, easy.

I have had my Ring Doorbell Pro for just under 2 weeks. Last week we were on vacation so I figured it was the perfect time to buy and test it out within the 30 day trial period. I’ll split this review into 3 bits. First impressions, Install, and Operational Use.

1) First Impressions. We have a security system installed but didn’t go with their camera system because it was CCTV and I wanted something with an internet connection or way to access it from my phone. While making small talk with the security system guy, I mentioned the Ring to him. He was super excited to get out his phone and show me that he has one. He said he couldn’t buy any camera with nearly that quality at that price even with his discounts. He spoke so highly of it I was sure that’s what I wanted to get. We want to do a whole system with cameras on the back of the house, but we purchased the Ring Pro to see how we liked it before we commit to buying everything.

I went with the Ring Pro over the Original Ring because I was going to be wiring it in place anyway. I also like the slender profile and the possibility to use wireless 5.0 in the future if I desire. Plus I live on a very busy road and wanted the advanced motion detection zones on the pro. Since I did my research, I was aware that the Ring Pro has a 160 degree field of view compared to the 180 degree view of the original. For this reason, I purchased fiberglass shims to angle it more towards my large 6 foot doors when I installed it.

I talked with Ring customer service and asked if there was any advantage to ordering through them versus Amazon and they said there were none, so I went with Amazon for my Prime shipping and additional protections of ordering through Amazon.

2) Install. I was a bit intimidated with the install as I’ve never wired anything up before and our house is new construction. But the YouTube video and pamphlets made it pretty clear to follow. They also emphasize that you can call them at any point for assistance. I had also been told by the security system guy that install was super easy and I could do it myself (he’s also the one who gave me the tip about the fiberglass shims). He also gave me an extra tidbit for those of us with stone or brick exteriors: drill into the grout lines – they drill easy; stone does not.

I started with the extra power pack that gets installed inside and connected to your door chime. It was the more complex part of the installation and involved a very tall ladder but it went well. I was impressed that the ring doorbell came with everything you need to install it – including the drill bit AND a screw driver. It even has extra bits you MIGHT need (like extensions wires and extra screws). I also really appreciated how everything was in separate baggies for which part of the install you were doing and was very well labeled (extras were labeled as extras, pro kit wires in one bag, doorbell wires and screws in another). I was unable to fit the power kit inside my chime housing but it doesn’t look bad attached to the wall just outside the chime housing (see picture). It’s just a bit larger than a matchbox.

Installing the actual ring was even easier. I was able to drill into grout lines between stones so I had that going for me. The hook up was super easy, two wires from the house connect to the two connectors on the Ring – doesn’t even matter which is which. Nice and easy. I will have to work out something to cover the shimmed side, but I’ll work something out.

Set up was easy and step-by-step. I was concerned when it was downloading the new firmware and updates and then rebooted because the light was off for (what felt like) a long time (maybe 5 minutes). But it all went flawlessly.

3) Operational Use. I like being able to set up polygons for the motion detection zones. I was able to easily mark my drive way, flowerbeds and porch. I’ve never had a problem with the busy traffic from the road (something the security guy mentioned was a problem with his original Ring). There are two problems they need to work out: You will get a motion detect when the night vision clicks on in the evening and when it clicks off in the morning. Expect that.

Also, this is not a miracle product. It will only work as well as your internet connection. That means a little lag if you’re on a cable connection at peak times. There are a few times I’ve had the video come up in laggy and weirdly pixilated forms that took a second to work out. I’ve also noticed our voice connection is VERY quiet. As in, the person at the door can barely hear the person on the phone, so I consider that feature a bit useless. We managed to scare our cat sitter from the other side of the country and greet my mom, but I wouldn’t rely on it for communicating with people often. We managed to talk to our lawn service but we had to yell into the phone and they had to ask us to repeat ourselves a few times. Also we live on such a busy road that there is a lot of noise which makes the video sound very choppy. So again, I just consider this feature a novelty and not something to rely on.

I mentioned a cat sitter. It was kind of awesome to be able to see that she came by every day. In fact, the first day she didn’t come by until 11:00pm and I worriedly texted her to see if she was going to come. Every other day I took solace in knowing that she had already stopped by without having to text her or fear her shed forget. I was able to see when the lawn service came by and did their thing. I was able to see when packages were delivered and when my mom brought the nephews up to use the pool. I also got to scare the crap out of our friend as they were leaving our empty house and I wished them goodnight. That was worth some money right there. I even caught a few people using my driveway to turn around.

My favorite bit was the unexpected bonus video of my husband going outside to inspect my work. I’m keeping that one.

It catches us leaving for work every day and coming home. It catches me when I go to fill the bird feeders. I’ve not had it miss any movement that I’m aware of. If you have motion sensors on, expect more notifications than you think you will get. As said, you’ll get the two from nightfall and sunrise. Plus I get two from me departing for work and my husband departing plus 2 more for each of us coming home. Add on more for checking the mail and anything you may do in the yard. This is where not being limited on storage size is handy. The cloud storage is $30 per year and it keeps videos for 6 months. It doesn’t say anything about size so having these extra videos doesn’t bother me. I find the video quality to be great and I can easily identify who is at the door night and day.

I also like that it came with a decal showing that the house is monitored. I placed this prominently in my front window along with our security monitoring service decal. Avoiding bad guys is worth more than catching them.

I feel like this was a great purchase. The price is excellent. I love being able to access it anytime from my phone. I love knowing what is going on at my house even when I’m on vacation. I love the security aspect both in surveillance and as a deterrent. It looks sharp (see photo). It’s also a lot of fun. I’ve shown it off to many friends and coworkers, at least one of which decided to get one themselves.

4) Summary. CONS: Only as good as your internet connection. Sunrise and sunset motion detects. Sound quality is useless in my experience. PROS: Access from anywhere, anytime. Surveillance and deterrent. Motion zones let you cut out areas you don’t care to monitor (neighbors yard, roads, ect). Great price.

As a camera only, I would give this 5+ stars, easy. I deducted 1 star because they heavily play up the speaker aspect and that seems worthless in my experience with it. I’m insanely happy with the purchase over all. In the future I will probably buy a chime and a stick-up cam to go along with it.

UPDATE: 1 Year-On. We have had the Ring Pro for One full year now. I’ve also added two of the chime accessories. I’m just as happy with it now as I was when I wrote this review. We tried to trouble shoot the sound a few times and still have had no luck with it. I think my unit might just be defective in that area. However I still think if this was advertised as a camera only, it would be 100% worth the price and 5 stars. I did have someone point out the sticker over the ring might be the cause of our sound problem, removing it didn’t help.

Our indoor chime had the oddity of only ringing the first chime (rather than a series) after installation. As our indoor chime was never loud enough anyway, we added two of the chime plug in accessories without even trying to trouble shoot. We added one chime downstairs and one in our master bedroom. We’ve been super happy with them as well.

UPDATE: 3.5 years later. Still working. It stopped working for a while so I called customer service before I purchased a new one to make sure it wasn’t some power issue. They sent me (for free) the version 2.0 power kit and the chime bypass kit. Turned out the chime bypass kit fixed it. I didn’t need the indoor mechanical chime anyway as I have two Ring Chime devices. I used it this morning to tell the pest control guy the gate code without getting out of bed. It’s been up 4 summers now.

I still look at it every week to see what animals were creeping in my yard at night. Love the raccoons that come hang out on my porch some nights.

If this thing died tomorrow, I’d replace it with the exact same model, no regrets.

Color: White

4.5 out of 5 stars

Ring a ding ding- go buy the Ring!!!
I recently purchased the Ring floodlight and the Ring Chime. They were a breeze to install and only took about 30 minutes to get them up and displaying 1080p video on my new Note 8 phone. The installation is very user friendly and if you already have an existing floodlight , it is really easy to swap out the lights. The chime unit is loud and all you have to do is plug it in and follow the simple online instructions to set the wifi and sound you want it to play…You can even log in to your Ring floodlights on Any computer… the only downfall i have found is you can’t control the videos from your computer. You can only see what has already been activated and recorded so there is a slight delay.. but of course you can control the floodlight system from your smart phone…I LOVE this system and plan to get the Ring doorbell as soon as I save up the money… thanks Ring….

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